Talk about a great experience; the 6th User Group Conference Europe

Held in Berlin, April 23-24, Sitecore User Group Conference Europe marks the largest community event to date. A total attendance of 600+ people, coming from all over Europe, North America, Middle East and even Australia and New Zealand.

I had the honor presenting the opening keynote of SUGCON EU together with my Technical Marketing team. I started the keynote sharing my experiences and the evolution of SUGCON. How SUGCON started in The Netherlands in 2014 hosted by the Dutch User Group with 90 attendees growing in a few years to the largest Sitecore community event with 600 attendees in Berlin.  Thanks to the SUGNL and SUGDK to make this happen!

SUGCON EU history

This year we had a jam-packed itinerary of over 40 sessions, put together by Sitecore employees and community members, had something interesting for everyone to see and learn about regarding the latest release: Sitecore 9.

In addition, award ceremonies went on to congratulate community members for their hard work and contributions towards the Sitecore ecosystem. Of the winners were the four teams that competed in the 24-hour challenge – Hackathon 2018. Their solutions separated themselves from the other 74 teams and each demonstrated competency in either Commerce, SXA, JSS, or xConnect. 130+ MVPs were in attendance and were called to the stage, one by one, to receive their well-deserved 2018 MVP awards. Most impressively, three Honorary MVPs were named and awarded for their lifetime achievements and Sitecore portfolios.

Social media coverage reached a monumental 7,307,593 impressions. All posts celebrated the moments shared by this community achievement. Blogs that followed were filled with positive reviews and had a common theme of “togetherness, learning and fun”.

Certification centers were available before kickoff, offering latest v9 Developer Certifications.

During the closing we had a unique scoop and we proudly announced that London, UK, will host SUGCON Europe 2019 and will revolve around the latest Sitecore products and innovations.

Looking forward to see you in London!

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