Daily Tip: Great tool the Sitecore Log Analyzer

Did you hear of the Sitecore Log Analyzer? The Sitecore Log Analyzer is a great tool. It does what the name claims; It will help you analyze your log files!

A short list of some great features:

  • Quick analyze of all log files in a directory
  • Date and string filter

Sitecore Log Analyzer Date Filter

  • Tabs for the different categories; Messages, Audit and Health Monitor
  • Filters for log levels; Errors, Warnings and Info’s

Sitecore Log Analyzer Categories Error Warning Info

  • Log entries sorted on number of occurrences

Sitecore Log Analyzer Sorting

  • Timeline overview of the (filtered) log entries

Sitecore Log Analyzer Timeline overview

  • Great statistics 🙂

Sitecore Log Analyzer Statistics

Go ahead and download the Log Analyzer from SDN and analyze you’re log files on a regular basis:

Happy Analyzing,

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  3. Nice daily tip! Since i’m starting up my works after holiday is passed by the shared source modules pages on trac an saw this one.. I was happily surprised to see this module and will download!

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