Step 3: Wiring the ESP to the relay

This article is part of the Make your Bellfire fireplace smart project that I presented during the Home Assistant Conference 2020.

It’s time to execute the third step, you can find all steps in the overview how it all going to work article.

To control the relay we need to provide high or low power to the IN ports of the board. This board has four relays. In my example I only need to use three relays.

Wiring the relay board to the ESP is easy.

Powering the relay board

The relay board needs 5v power. We will power the relay board directly from the ESP using the 5v VIN pin.

Controlling the relays

Pin D5, D6, and D7 will be used to control the three relays on the board.

See wiring image below for more details.

The wiring is now ready, let’s expose three switches to Home Assistant to control the relays. Read the next article.