Sharing my updates on Polywork

pieter brinkman polyworks timeline

A lot of activities around my job and hobbies are not easy to share. I don’t like sharing to much activities on LinkedIn and I don’t want to write an article on everything. It just takes to much time.

A teammember pointed me to (Thanks Jason). I’m really enjoying Polywork, it’s a easy way to share short updates. I’ve chosen to share updates around work and personal passions, including hobbies like Surfing and BBQ.

You can find my timeline in the op menu or using the link below:

Pieter Brinkman – ⚙️Technologist, 🌊 Waterman, 🔪 Foodie, 🦸‍♂️ Father

Let me know if you want to join Polyworks, I still have some invite codes available.

Sitecore Composable DXP – Digital Bytes

This week I had the pleasure to talk with Himadri from Nishtech about Sitecore’s SaaS journey and how we are moving to the Composable DXP.

Nishtech Digital Bytes – Sitecore Composable DXP

Nish Tech digital bytes outline

When you think of a traditional digital experience platform, you probably think of a monolithic, tightly coupled full-stack suite from a single vendor that allows you to manage the entire digital experience, from content management to digital marketing and analytics. But maybe you don’t need all that. The concept of a composable DXP allows you to create a custom solution using technology that fits your needs and works with your existing processes and infrastructure.

In this episode we’re excited to welcome Sitecore Senior Director of Technical Marketing Pieter Brinkman to discuss his thoughts on the composable DXP and how it fits into Sitecore’s roadmap.

Thanks again to Nishtech and Himadri for the lovely conversation.

From BlogEngine.Net to WordPress

After blogging a long time on BlogEngine.Net I thought it was time to switch to WordPress. The conversion wasn’t great.

The biggest problem was that the syntax highlighter is not compatible and the image where not exported. But the content is here, excluding the images. I will try to clean it up and add the images and the syntax highlighter. And if everything is back online I will get back to the blogging.


New Job: Solution Architect for Sitecore

As from the 1st of january I’m the new solution architect for Sitecore the Netherlands. My responsibilities wil be:

  • Technical Presentations and demonstrations
  • Providing Technical Trainings
  • Defining Sitecore architecture/blueprint for customer and partners
  • Developing CMS relevant (sales) propositions
  • Develop demo’s and POC with sales, product specialist and product development
  • Support local sales in responding to tenders/rfi/rfp
  • Keep relevant technical/market knowledge up to date
  • Advise customers & partners on how to best use Sitecore products

So from now on more blogging about Sitecore. travelportal live

A few years after building the free travelblog site in PHP. I started building a new version in .Net together with Mark. Although this was a joyful and educational experience, we never finished this project… Now a few years later I finished a new travelblog portal; is build with WordPress MU (php) and uses multiple WordPress plugins and a few custom build plugins.

Realization corporate website

For Evident Interactive I was Lead-developer on the project. With a team of 5 professionals we build 23 websites in 5 months. All the websites where implemented within one instance of Sitecore CMS.

The websites containing Flash, Silverlight, GoogleMaps, Flick and Youtube.

The project was successfully realized within the deadline.