Microsoft Certified Professional Developer: Webapplications (MCPD: Web)

After finishing my MCTS: Sql Server 2005 I started learning for my last exam for becoming MCPD: Web applications. Yesterday I passed this exam with a score of 875. This MCPD status is for Asp.Net 2.0. Soon I will do my exam for .Net 3.5. 

Now I will start focusing more on WPF and Windows developing and start building more Silverlight applications.

Cheers, Pieter


Project description:

When trying to find a way to get my hosting expenses covered I started a Wallpaper-site (pretty lame, but still). At this moment I was playing with Linq and wanted to do some with Linq to Objects. At this moment the site creates his own navigation and image view with Linq to Object based on the file-system.

Used technologies:

  • Asp.Net 3.5 
  • Linq to Objects
  • Asp.Net Cache

Rabobank starterscommunity live

This week we launched the Rabostarterscommunity. This community is build with Telligent Community Server 2008 and SiteCore 5.

For reporting we uses Harvest reporting service and Google Analytics. 

One thing I learned was that the support of Telligent is not good and also the first releases of CS2008 was buggy, some parts didn’t work at all!!! And don’t even get me started about Telligent Harvest Reporting (Just don’t use it).

If you need to start a community be sure to check if you really need community server! If you only need a forum use: Yetanotherforum.

Portofolio: MCPD certification course

To get more developers certified I started a MCTS learning course for the developers. Once in the two weeks all we had half a day to review two chapters, every chapter was reviewed by a developer.

Ten developers started the course and at this moment (20 April) six people are MCTS (Web) certified and one MCPD (and two employees left).

Portofolio: Administrative application for 220 pharmacies

Project description:
For a customer of Evident Interactive me and my team build an administrative application. Now 220 pharmacies do their finance administration with this application. The application supports: input from pharmacies, work-flow, reports and data exchange to Twinfield.

My role in the project was Lead-developer the project team had a size of 4 developers.

Used technology:

  • Asp.Net 2.0
  • Asp.Net Ajax
  • Ajax ControlToolkit
  • MSSQL 2005
  • MSSQL Reporting Services
  • Webservices
  • XML
  • HTML, Javascript, CSS