obout Suite for .Net 2.0

When surfing around I found this great range ASP.Net controls.  Obout.com offers a great variety of ASP and ASP .Net controls. The controls are Cross-Browser (including Safari  and Opera).You can download the obout Suite for .Net 2.0. The suite contains the following controls:

  • TreeView  (recommended)
  • Grid
  • Editor
  • Spell checker
  • Calendar
  • Easy menu
  • Combobox
  • Slide menu
  • AJAXPage
  • Two colors menu
  • Splitter
  • Super button
  • Tree_DB
  • Autosuggest
  • Show
  • Flyout Window
  • FileUploadProgress
  • Slide Panel (with Slide menu)
  • TabStrip (with Easy Menu) 
  • Context menu (with EasyMenu)
  • Toolbar (with Supper button)
  • State Selector (with Combobox)

There are loads of examples on their website. So go check it out!

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