Sitecore 9.3 – What’s new blog series

Sitecore offers three “first-class” development approaches: From heavily complex with Sitecore custom, to rapid delivery with SXA, to completely headless with Sitecore JSS.

Sitecore’s development approaches

At Sitecore we’re always invested in enhancing across the different implementation options. All solutions use the same kernel, enhancements done to the kernel will reflect into all three implementation approaches.

During my presentation at Symposium I covered the enhancements and new features per development approach. This blog series will contain more details about the Sitecore 9.3 released enhancements and features.

(Upcoming) articles in series

Additional (community) resources and articles

Did you write an article on a 9.3 feature? Post your in the comments and I’ll update the list.

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