New Job: Solution Architect for Sitecore

As from the 1st of january I’m the new solution architect for Sitecore the Netherlands. My responsibilities wil be:

  • Technical Presentations and demonstrations
  • Providing Technical Trainings
  • Defining Sitecore architecture/blueprint for customer and partners
  • Developing CMS relevant (sales) propositions
  • Develop demo’s and POC with sales, product specialist and product development
  • Support local sales in responding to tenders/rfi/rfp
  • Keep relevant technical/market knowledge up to date
  • Advise customers & partners on how to best use Sitecore products

So from now on more blogging about Sitecore.

XBOX 360 friends status APP

After seeing a great XBOX360 friends Iphone App I decided to build a Windows Mobile version of it. The app shows your friends, their avatar, online status and what they are playing. After downloading the VS plugins for Windows Mobile development I started building the app. Building Windows Mobile Apps is easy. The only thing you need to know is that you can never build a application which have the same user experience and GUI as a Iphone. Maybe Windows Mobile 7 and XAML will fix this.

Here is result of one night programming. Clearly it is not finished but it`s a fun app. The application features are:

  • friend overview, see status of your friends
  • settings page, where you can set the polling time
  • An exit button, to clear te memory.
  • It even gives an alert when a friend comes online.

What I would like to add:

  • XML for your friendlist (it is hard coded now)

Here are some screenshots of the application.

And you can download the sourcecode here. travelportal live

A few years after building the free travelblog site in PHP. I started building a new version in .Net together with Mark. Although this was a joyful and educational experience, we never finished this project… Now a few years later I finished a new travelblog portal; is build with WordPress MU (php) and uses multiple WordPress plugins and a few custom build plugins.