Sharing my updates on Polywork

pieter brinkman polyworks timeline

A lot of activities around my job and hobbies are not easy to share. I don’t like sharing to much activities on LinkedIn and I don’t want to write an article on everything. It just takes to much time.

A teammember pointed me to (Thanks Jason). I’m really enjoying Polywork, it’s a easy way to share short updates. I’ve chosen to share updates around work and personal passions, including hobbies like Surfing and BBQ.

You can find my timeline in the op menu or using the link below:

Pieter Brinkman – ⚙️Technologist, 🌊 Waterman, 🔪 Foodie, 🦸‍♂️ Father

Let me know if you want to join Polyworks, I still have some invite codes available.