Introducing the New Sitecore forms on Symposium

Have you ever seen a website without a form?

Exactly, this is because forms are a crucial part of every website. For most interactions forms is the starting point. This is how sites create business value for customers, this is how you generate leads and drive conversions.

That’s why I’m very happy introduce the new Sitecore Forms.  From Sitecore 9 onwards Sitecore forms will not be a module, it’s now part of the core Sitecore Experience Cloud platform.

The new Sitecore Forms is ;

  1. new Intuitive User Experience, supported by a full New modern UI/UX.
  2. It’s Flexible and Customizable; to Empowering the business user to create the forms they need.
  3. And last but not least it’s very developer Friendly

Get started with the new Sitecore forms today


Install:  Install Sitecore 9, Forms is part of the core platform

Explore: Get to know the new Forms, play with it and create your first Hello Form

Educate;  Walkthrough: Custom form component and Custom submit action. Example components: File upload, captcha, credit card

Customize:  Use what you’re learned. Use a Example component to build your own components, build custom submit action, use your favorite JS framework for customizations.

Share: Share what you’ve learned, write blogposts, do webinars, present on User Groups help others on Stack Exchange and Provide Sitecore with feedback on User Voice

Download example components; File Upload, Captcha and Creditcard.

You can find the slidedeck on of the announcement presentation during Sitecore Symposium 2018 on SlideShare; Sitecore 9 The Brand New Forms:

I challenge you to install Sitecore 9 create a custom control and share the results and feedback with the community and Sitecore. I can’t wait to read your blog posts on all the great things you’ve build with the new forms.

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