Working 10 years at Sitecore

amazing technical marketing team

With the start of 2021, I just hit the 10-year milestone working at Sitecore.

While normally I would just let this pass and focus on the next big things that we need to deliver, I want to take a moment to reflect on my 10 years at Sitecore and thank a number of people that inspired me along the way.

Reed the original article with comments directly on LinkedIn:

My journey at Sitecore has been amazing. It started as a pre-sales consultant in The Netherlands, to quickly join co-founder Lars Nielsen to build the MVP program, moving into Product Marketing to grow and strategies Technical Marketing.

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Sharing is caring

During my professional career I’ve always been an advocate of sharing knowledge. Share what you’ve learned so others can learn from it, this way at the end we all get to a better end-results. However, I noticed that in my private live I have passions that I haven’t shared my learnings about.

Next to my wife, kids, family and friends I like to spend time on windsurfing and home automation. My goal is to start sharing my insights on these topics -family, kids and friends excluded :)- and perhaps help others making their choices or getting started.

Again this is a goal, so let’s reflect on how I did in a year… Life is all about setting the priorities, we’ll see if I can make this work :).