Asp.Net: invoke WCF method with WCF Test Client

When deploying a Silverlight application we ran into problems a WCF web-service, to find out what the problem was I wanted to invoke the method.

Microsoft shipped an application for invoking methods from your Windows PC (WCFtestclient.exe). The following steps explain how to use WCFtestclient.exe.

First startup Visual Studio 2008 Command Prompt. In the command prompt type wcftestclient, the application will startup.

Now we need to add the Service. Click File and Add Service.


Add the URL to your service in the pop-up and pres ok. The service will now add all methods from your service. You can add multiple service URLs.

Double click the method you want to invoke from the tree on the left pane. Enter the values that are required for the Invoke and press Invoke. The method will be invoked.

The right bottom pane will show the response. In my case this shows the Stack-trace because of the error. Normally this will show the web-service response (XML).

With the stack-trace I could located the error and fix it.

Hope this helps,


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