Speaker engagements

Connect with me during one of my speaker engagements. Do you need a speaker for your event, feel free to contact me.

Visit my Noti.st  page for decks, video’s and my actual speaker schedule.

Upcoming speaker engagements


  • October, London, United Kingdom, Microsoft Future Decoded – #ethics in a #machinelearning world
  • November, Orlando, USA, Sitecore Symposium – What’s new in Sitecore land

Past Speaker engagements



  • November 2018 – Jboye Conference, Aarhus, Denmark;
  • October, Sitecore Symposium, Orlando, USA– Technical Keynote and What’s new
  • October, Sitecore MVP summit, Orlando, USA– Closing Keynote
  • October, Sitecore Customer Leadership Board, Orlando, USA — Round table host; Insight on Digital Marketing Strategies in 3-5 Years
  • September:  DMEXCO, Cologne, Germany — How technology empowers the marketeers
  • May: SUGCON India, Bangalore, India — Keynote
  • April: 2018: SUGCON EU, Berlin, Germany — Keynote
  • March, Sitecore Virtual Developer Day 2018
  • January: 2018: Sitecore Partner webinar on Forms


  • October:  Sitecore Symposium, Las Vegas, USA — Introducing the brand new forms
  • October, Sitecore MVP summit, Las Vegas, USA — Keynote
  • July, Sitecore Global Sales Kick-off, San Diego, California — Collaboration for the win


  • September 2016:  Sitecore MVP summit, New Orleans, USA — Keynote
  • September 2016:  Sitecore Symposium, New Orleans, USA — Keynote
  • November 2015:  Sitecore Trendspot, Sydney, Australia– Understanding the Architecture
  • September 2015:  Sitecore Symposium Europe, Barcelona, Spain — Understanding the Architecture
  • September 2015:  Sitecore Symposium North America, Las Vegas, USA — Understanding the Architecture
  • May 2015: SUGCON EU, Copenhagen, Denmark — From Mobile No No to Mobile Go Go and Closing keynote
  • September 2014: Sitecore Symposium, Sitecore xDB; oh(No) Sql
  • May 2014:  SUGCON EU, Utrecht, The Netherlands — Sitecore xDB; oh(No) Sql
  • May 2013: Trendspot, Utrecht, Netherlands — Sitecore 7; first look
  • November 2012:  SUGNL, Delft, The Netherlands — DMS Where is the data at?
  • September 2012: Sitecore Symposium, Las Vegas, USA — DMS Where is the data at?




Other activities

CMS Experts
I’m active group member of the CMS expert group by Jboye & Co since 2012.  A forum where CMS analysts, thinkers, practitioners, experts and vendors can meet, set the agenda for future industry developments, provide feedback and share thoughts and ideas in an inspiring setting. This meeting occurs four times a year.

Pieter+BrinkmanSpeaker bio

Pieter is a seasoned passionate techie, strategist and leader. He’s an expert in community building, developer ecosystem management, technical marketing, program management and enjoy public speaking.

Pieter brings a diverse and unique set of skills and experiences to the table. In the past he has been working as a lead developer, entrepreneur, technical marketing manager and now as Senior Director Technical Marketing for leading .NET Experience Platform Sitecore.

I love creating opportunities by combining the worlds of technology, marketing and business.